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It’s a “yes”!

Mulberry UTC Trust conducted a consultation on the proposal for Mulberry UTC from January 11 to February 19 2016.

The outcomes showed overwhelming support for the plans for Mulberry UTC with around 75% agreeing “very much” with each of the questions and a further 18% agreeing with them “to some extent”.

The findings informed the Secretary of State’s decision on the UTC’s future and will be used to develop the policies and practices of the UTC.

The full report is available from Shanaz Begum, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..



  • 77% of respondents agreed that the Secretary of State should enter into a funding agreement for Mulberry UTC – 4% disagreed;
  • 68% of respondents gave the highest score of 10 to the question “how important is it to set up a UTC in Tower Hamlets?” – with a further 18% giving a score of 9 or 8;
  • 76% thought the UTC would meet the needs of young people and businesses in Tower Hamlets and Central East London very well – with a further 18% thinking it would to some extent;
  • 73% thought that the UTC's specialisms would help local young people to get started on good careers very much – with a further 22% thinking they would to some extent;
  • 72% thought the location was very accessible to young people - with a further 10% thinking it was quite accessible;
  • 68% thought that the UTC was prioritising students very well through its admissions policy - with a further 17% thinking it was doing so quite well;
  • 74% saw the UTC as a great asset to its local community – with a further 15% agreeing with this to some extent;
  • 80% agreed very much with the mix of employers and educationalists on the UTC’s Governing Body – with a further 14% saying this was important to some extent;
  • no more than 4% answered “not very much” to any question and only the location question had a response of “not at all” (from only one respondent).


Some of the comments

“It will be a source of achievement within the community – with a buzz and excitement”

“This is a brilliant idea for our young people in the community”

“The various courses of study will offer the future generations of Tower Hamlets opportunities they would not have had access to before.”

“I think it would be fantastic for young people to get working straight out of school“

“Training young people from Tower Hamlets with creative and digital skills will help to feed the talent pipeline in east London, thereby contributing to the local economy"

“It looks like somewhere I would want to send my kids and somewhere I'd like to work”

“The UTC directly reflects the biggest employment sectors in this area” 

“It’s a great location with lots going on”

“A huge asset. As a teacher and parent I’m regularly in discussion with others regarding the opportunities to local children and young people.  It’s somewhere they can strive to attend, somewhere to be proud of.”

“An incredible opportunity for specialised vocational learning”

“As a mother in Tower Hamlets I think the UTC fills a void for those young people who do not wish to follow the traditional routes of education yet it still enables them to get a good career.”

“Applied skills in technology are vital for today’s job market” 

“I have been told anyone can come, that's really good”

“It will give local businesses a pool of talent to pick from”

“An expansion of Mulberry’s provision and ethos can only be a good thing”

“Everything I have seen looks very attractive”