What is a UTC?
University Technical Colleges (UTCs) offer a combination of academic and technical learning to young people aged 14-19. They give young people the opportunity to study at a specialist institution which is linked to employers within particular industries. UTCs are supported by universities and local employers, and offer clear progression routes into higher education, further learning and employment.

When will it open?
Mulberry UTC will open September 2017.

Where is Mulberry UTC located?
Mulberry UTC is located at 64 Parnell Road, E3 2RU. The UTC is being built on the site of the old fire station on the corner of Roman Road and Parnell Road. This location allows easy access by train (from Bow Road or Bow Church station), by a variety of bus services (number 339, 8, 276 or 488), by bicycle or by walking.

Are there any costs involved for students?
Mulberry UTC is a state-funded, non-fee paying school The only costs for students and parents are that of a uniform and getting to the UTC. The uniform will by design, be affordable. There should be no more costs involved than expected at any other secondary school.

What makes Mulberry UTC different from other schools?
Mulberry UTC is designed to give students the skills and qualifications they need to succeed in their future careers.

We achieve this by:

  • support from local employers and universities
  • a specially tailored curriculum which combines academic and technical qualifications
  • a focus on project-based learning
  • state of the art facilities
  • extra-curricular and enrichment activities

One of the main differences at a UTC is the way in which our subjects are taught. Learning is linked to the real world and students take part in a wide range of practical tasks, challenges and projects. These help them develop the practical and life skills they need to succeed in the adult world.

I want to go to university, is Mulberry UTC right for me?
Yes. You will be studying a combination of academic and technical subjects, so it is a very suitable route for people wanting to go on to university. We will provide you with careers advice to ensure you select the right courses, to enable you to follow your chosen path towards university, an apprenticeship, further training or employment.

Will going to the UTC improve my chances of getting a job when I leave education?
This is the main aim of the UTC. Through your technical qualifications, employer engagement, internships and project work, you will stand head and shoulders above your peers in terms of relevant skills and experience and career advice.

Why do some young people join a UTC at age 14?
At age 11, it is essential that all pupils study a broad range of academic subjects to build their general and specialist knowledge. By the age of 14, most pupils will have a good idea of which subjects interest them most and will start to make decisions with regards to their GCSE and vocational options.

Students who choose to join Mulberry UTC at age 14 continue to study the core academic subjects of English, maths, science, humanities and languages. They also take technical courses in their chosen specialist subjects, to make sure they are well-prepared for future study in these areas.

For those young people who prefer practical and applied learning, attending a UTC may be a better option because they can take fewer GCSEs and more technical courses during Year 10 and 11. Other may continue with their GCSEs within their current school and come to join the UTC for their Sixth Form studies.  

Will there be homework?
The UTC school day includes periods for independent study, project work, interships and mentoring. Students will have enough time to complete any homework or preparation during this time, reducing the amount of work they need to do at home.

Who is involved in setting up Mulberry UTC?
Mulberry UTC is being established by the governors of Mulberry School for Girls, an outstanding secondary school in Tower Hamlets. Our partners, supporters and advisors include:

  • Bank of America Merrill Lynch
  • Barts Health NHS Trust
  • The British Film Institute
  • Goldsmiths University of London
  • The National Theatre

These partners will help to ensure the UTC provides the highest possible standard facilities, projects, visits, coaching, mentoring and internships, to create a unique study experience for students at Mulberry UTC.

Will there be a uniform?
Yes, there will be a uniform for students in years 10 and 11. Whilst this is yet to be finalised, it will reflect business dress as well as being smart, practical and affordable. Students in years 12 and 13 will wear smart business attire in line with the ethos of the UTC.

What other subjects will I study?
Students in Years 10 and 11 will study GCSEs in Maths, English (Language and Literature) and Science, with a choice of options in languages and humanities subjects. All students will also undertake digital learning as well as technical qualifications in media and performing arts. There will also be time for sport, PSHE, project-based learning, mentoring and independent study as well as a wide variety of enrichment activities.

Students in Years 12 and 13 will study a combination of A-levels and technical qualifications.

A-level subjects on offer include: Biology, Chemistry, Computing, Drama & Theatre, English Literature, Film Studies, Maths, Philosophy, Physics, Psychology and Sociology.

For their technical qualifications, Sixth Form students choose from one of four specialist areas of study:

  • Health science
  • Health care
  • Creative and digital media
  • Production and performing arts

Those students who have not yet achieved the equivalent of 5 GCSEs at A*-C grade can study for a Level 2 qualification in health care or creative and digital media.

Students who have not achieved at least a Grade 4 in English or Maths will be required to re-take these subjects.

Will there be apprenticeships?
Mulberry UTC will not offer apprenticeships. Through our employer partners, we will give students the best opportunity to work out which employer is best for them as whether they want to go to university or apply for an apprenticeship. Whichever route students choose, we will support their applications and help them through the process.

Are there any entrance requirements?
At Year 10, the UTC is open to students of all abilities as long as you have an interest in the Creative Industries or the Health sector.

At Year 12, you must meet the minimum academic requirements to study on your chosen courses.

For Level 2 courses: 5 GCSEs at a minimum of A*-E or equivalent

For Level 3 courses: 5 GCSEs at a minimum of A*-C or equivalent, and at least a B grade for any subject you have studied at GCSE which you wish to continue with at A-level.

Can anyone apply to study at Mulberry UTC?
Any students who wish to join us for Year 10 or Year 12 can apply, as long as they have an interest in the creative industries or the health sector.

Priority will be given to students with a SEN statement or EHCP that names Mulberry UTC. Priority is also given to looked after and previously looked after children, as well as siblings of students who attend Mulberry School for Girls, pupils receiving the pupil or service pupil premium and children of staff at Mulberry UTC. More details of our admissions policy can be found on our website.

I have Special Educational Needs, can I attend the UTC?
Yes and there will be appropriate staff to assist you with your learning as required.

I receive free school meals, will I continue to get these at the UTC?

Sounds great, how do I apply?
You can apply on our website here: Paper copies of the application form are also available; please contact Steph Murphy at Mulberry School for Girls or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

When will I find out if I am successful and will there an appeals process?
Candidates will be informed by 31st March in the application year. If unsuccessful, there will be an independently run appeals process.